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3 reasons you need TikTok in your business’s marketing plan.

There was a time when many businesses ignored social media. They felt it was a fad, sure to go the way of the dinosaur. They were wrong. Very wrong.

Today, ignoring social media is a surefire way to hand business over to your competitors. And while different platforms have experienced hot periods, none is hotter today than TikTok. 

What started as something used only by teens has grown to welcome a diversity of people. People don’t turn to TikTok to see what you ate for dinner. They go there to be entertained. To get educated. To keep up with the latest trends.

By using TikTok, you allow your business to engage with potential customers where they are. Here are three reasons you can’t afford to leave TikTok out of your marketing plan.

The Numbers

Want to access your target audience? Then you have to be where they are. 

Currently, TikTok boasts 1 billion users. That’s a lot of people. Most likely, some of those people make up your target audience. 

And it’s not just kids using it. Inside the United States, one-quarter of TikTok users are under the age of 20. But there is a constant influx of older users.

In fact, 20.3% of folks who use the app are between 40 and 49. Though only 11% of users are 50 or older, that number won’t stay the same long. As TikTok continues to permeate the culture at large, older people are coming on board. 

Young people were first to jump on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Older people followed in droves. Now, that same trend is happening with TikTok.

The Viral

Going viral turns an unknown brand into a household name. It puts your product or service into countless brains and leaves it there for decades. In other words, going viral changes everything.

While there are many ways to go viral, none beats TikTok. A key reason for this is engagement. 

According to research by Neuro-Insight, user engagement on TikTok beats digital video and television. But user engagement isn’t just a little higher. It’s crazy high. Compared to TV ads, TikTok TopView ads get 40% more engagement. TopView ads also get 29% more engagement than digital video.

If you’re not taking advantage of this, you’re losing ground. Your business is missing the chance at being a viral sensation.

Use TikTok wisely and that could change. With the right keywords and engaging content, your video—and more importantly, your business—will go gangbusters.

The Competition

You already do Facebook and Instagram ads. Things are going pretty well there. Do you really need another platform for your business?

In a word, yes. Yes, you do.

Because that’s what your users are doing. And they’re not just using another platform. They’re leaving the other ones behind. 

While Facebook was once the place to waste hours of time in one sitting, that honor now goes to TikTok. The proof is in the numbers. Most importantly, the number of dollars Facebook is losing.

Early this year, the social media giant’s market value plummeted by $230 billion. As TikTok gains users, Facebook is likely to lose even more.

Facebook realizes it’s in trouble. That’s why they’re rebranding as Meta. Facebook also realizes TikTok is the source of the trouble. That’s why they’re trying to look a little more like TikTok.

Of course, Facebook and Instagram aren’t done just yet. There are still ways to use them to your business’s advantage. Just don’t expect them to continue reaching your audience as they once did. That work now belongs to TikTok. Tired of keeping up with social trends? Let Amplification, Inc. handle it for you. Drop us a line to schedule a no-obligation consultation today to learn how we can amplify your brand wherever your audience hangs out.

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