What’s a Video Showcase and Why Do I Need One?

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Have you been hearing the buzz about Vimeo’s new product for creating and curating video? It’s called Showcase. We think it’s pretty awesome. And in case you’re wondering, “What’s a video showcase and why do I need one?” Don’t worry, we have you covered.

You may have noticed that here at Amplification, Inc. we think video is a big deal.

Why does video marketing work so well? It works because it’s all over social channels, consumers love it, search engines adore it, and your phone digs it.  

We recently spent some time researching what it takes to make a successful marketing video but video showcases are a slightly different beast. Showcases are one of the fastest and easiest ways to create, curate, share, and optimize your video content.

Branded video showcases can help you reach your targeted audience effectively and professionally.

Okay, so that’s what a video showcase is but …

Why Do I Need a Video Showcase?

Whether you’re a small business owner with a sassy collection of marketing videos or you’re a talented performer looking to catch the eye of the masses, a video showcase — and tools like Vimeo’s Showcase — can help you establish the robust online presence you need.

How Does Showcase Work?

It all comes down to getting your videos in front of the right eyeballs — and Showcase helps you do just that.

First, you’ll need to create a portfolio or video site on Vimeo. You can use layout templates to share your content publicly or privately. (Optional password protection is available.) You can create a custom domain with a unique Vimeo URL or you can use your own domain. It’s up to you!

Once you’ve created your portfolio you can embed a collection of your videos on your website with an embed code. This means you can take advantage of your site’s existing traffic while maintaining control of your brand.

And if you decide to go Pro, you can even create your own Roku and Amazon Fire channels. Pretty cool.

The Importance of Video Showcase SEO

Here’s the biggie: Showcase includes search engine optimization. And let’s face it, we could all use a little help from SEO. 

Vimeo Business, Premium, and Enterprise members can optimize their videos to get more organic traffic from search engines. The platform’s new SEO tools make your showcases discoverable in search results to help you get discovered by a wider audience (Vimeo.com).

When your Showcase gets ranked higher by a search engine, you’re much more likely to be discovered by new viewers. Without SEO, the only way viewers can find your video content is through a direct link. Find a wider and fresher audience for your work when Google indexes all your gorgeous Showcases.

Wondering what your Showcase could look like? We can help with that. 
A video showcase is an incredibly powerful way to promote your brand. If you’re ready to dive into the video marketing pool or get started on your showcase, we’ll show you how to make a splash. In a good way. Contact Amplification online or give us a call at (954)-336-0008.