Video is—without a doubt—the future of online content and marketing. That’s because it has the unique power to quickly and efficiently amplify your message, reinforce social media interaction, bolster search engine optimization, and build trust with customers. As a result, an increasing number of social networks have integrated native video platforms into their offerings, and companies across the globe are pushing video to the top of their marketing strategies.

At Amplification, Inc., we offer affordable online video production services that reinforce and enhance your overall digital marketing and branding efforts. We bring a comprehensive and diverse approach to every project.

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The Importance of Online Video Marketing

Videos are crucial to your online presence. They make your business more credible, help customers make decisions, and increase chances of potential customers and clients contacting you. That’s why we’re passionate about offering budget-friendly video solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Whether it’s a client testimonial, customer review, tutorial, public service announcement, or behind-the-scenes look, we’ll create engaging video content that makes it easy for customers to quickly and effectively get the information they need. Engaged viewers spend more time on your website and share your videos with others.

We can also capture aerial footage using remotely piloted drone technology, which allows us to capture that perfect shot without breaking your budget. Aerial shots are perfect for real estate listings, new business locations, marinas, golf courses, and more.

Let us help you create cost-effective online campaigns that will engage current clients, reach new customers, and increase your sales for years to come. From the scripting and shooting to the editing and placement, we’ll manage every aspect of creating custom online videos. And we’ll always keep your audience in mind while ensuring relevant video content that gets your message across.

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