Social media marketing is more than occasionally updating your business’s Facebook page or having a Twitter account. It’s about engaging fans, creating conversations, forming long-term relationships with captivating content.

Because these social platforms are constantly evolving, what works today will seldom do the trick tomorrow. That’s why at Amplification, Inc., we’ll work with you to create an overall social media marketing strategy and find the perfect combination of timing, frequency, and messaging to make your brand come alive. And if you’re strapped for time, we’ll even manage all the daily tasks for you.



Post, tweet, pin, you name it—we’ll amplify your brand through the power of social media.


We’ll help you craft the perfect message, reach your target market, and analyze the results.


Deliver special offers, news, coupons, or event details directly to your customers’ mobile phones.


Need help writing the perfect press release, blog post, menu, profile descriptor, or email campaign? Consider it done.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Effective.

Whether you need help creating a custom social media plan from the ground up or increasing the effectiveness of your current social media efforts, Amplification, Inc., has what you need. Let our experience, hard work, and dedication keep your social media marketing campaign on track and on target.

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