Do I Really Need a Website for My Small Business?

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Yes, your small business needs a website. Here are 4 examples to show you why.

Regardless of whether or not your business model is a digital or physical one, your small business needs a website. If you’re building a brand for your small business, you need a website. 

If customers can’t find you, they can’t buy from you. It’s that simple.

“Nearly all consumers (97%) use online media when researching products or services in their local area” 

BIA Advisory Services

Here at Amplification, Inc., we pride ourselves on helping businesses, organizations, and nonprofits throughout South Florida (and beyond) develop strategic (and smart) digital marketing campaigns. To do this, your small business needs a website.

To build your business and attract the right customers to your physical or digital doorstep, you need a lead-generating website and customer-friendly website content.

And here’s the good news: a small business website doesn’t have to cost you a bundle.

Small Business Websites Drive Web Traffic and Improve SEO

Take a quick look at Digital Marketing South Florida. You’ll see a simple — yet informative — small business website that features customer-focused content designed to educate visitors and drive traffic to Amplification, Inc. and Ventus Design Studios.

Small Business Website: Digital Marketing South Florida

Small Business Websites Convert Web Traffic to Foot Traffic.

Although Factory Direct Renovations Group already had a website, we had the opportunity to help them improve their existing website. Now, we’re working with them on an ongoing basis to keep their website up-to-date and to develop local SEO-friendly content. Which keeps driving qualified leads to the company’s phone lines and sales floor! 

Small Business Website

Local Businesses Websites Benefit from Local Expertise

We know what appeals to South Floridians because we are South Floridians. A good digital marketing firm will listen, ask questions, and develop a digital marketing strategy that fits your business model. They’ll connect you with South Florida customers. That’s precisely what we did with Calypso Bay Stables

Small Business Website: Calypso Bay Stables

Calypso Bay Stables is a fan favorite around here. Obviously, our equestrian friends aren’t trying to become the next global internet sensation, they just want to be found by horse owners and horse lovers in Largo, Florida. 

This starter website yields top-ranked organic results for queries like “Largo Florida Stables” and “Largo Florida Riding Lessons.” Reader-specific content coupled with local keywords drive leads and promotes customer conversion, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Your Competitors All Have Websites

Our good friends at AAAble Insurance Agency have always relied on the personal touch. Even though we helped them develop the content for this user-friendly website, their approach to customer relations hasn’t changed a bit. 

Small Business Website: AAAble Insurance

They just have more customers to approach. Realizing that all of their local and national competitors offer online quotes, we figured out what their ideal customers were looking for and we delivered.

Consumers generally start their buying journey with online research and online reviews. AAAble’s new website provides them with the opportunity to take control of their message and their story.

A Good Small Business Website is Within Reach

Sure, you may know someone who knows someone who built a website once. But do they really know how to build the kind of SEO-driven website you need with content that speaks to your customers? 

A lot of work and a lot of expertise goes into having an optimized small business website. Your content needs to be engaging (both to humans and Google), your SEO needs targeting, image files need compression, and the design had better be responsive. 

Amplification, Inc. is a small business whose business is growing your business. Contact Amplification today.

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