The “Media Component” makes for a Better Customer Experience

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I was assisting my colleague, Genie, with interviewing world-renowned Rheumatologist Guillermo Valenzuela recently so we could refresh and update materials to assist him in speaking with potential grant sources. We decided to videotape the effort in order to drive more value for Dr. Valenzuela. We support Dr. Valenzuela and his two-locations with social, digital, and video marketing support and online reputation management.

We were a couple of hours in and at the point where I thought we were finished and we were basically wrapping up our effort, when I asked my standard sort of “close out” last question; “well, is there anything else I didn’t ask that you think is important to mention?”

BAM! That is when Dr. Valenzuela, unsolicited, started extolling the virtues of online video content and how he has become a believer because of how it helps first to attract new patients, and then enables and facilitates a better patient experience.

Translation: Video not only helps market to and bring in new patients and customers for Integral Rheumatology and Immunology Specialists, but also breeds trust and makes them better, more educated customers and patients once they convert. That is the definition of efficiency. Efficiency equals found profit. Always strive to be more efficient at your business and in operations.

This video soundbite from Dr. Valenzuela gave me chills. And re-affirmed my immense respect for how smart and talented Dr. Valenzuela is. Don’t take it from me, watch the video here:


Make the most of what you capture on video

The key to making your video production effort be the most cost-effective and generate the best long-term return on investment is to constantly repurpose and re-edit for different goals and points in the sales process. When you “slice and dice” video content into multiple and differing-length iterations, you maximize value.

Consider the platform too. Maybe a longer-length piece for YouTube? Smaller iterations for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Maybe a solid client testimonial for your lead-capture page? Smaller and shorter edits can fill out and augment your website and increase search engine optimization. And you can add more brand value to explainer videos with excerpts from that interview with a subject matter expert.

I like to call the 30-second video iteration the “silver bullet” because it does the best job online at driving views and impressions and brand exposure at the lowest price point. Check out various 30-second videos we’ve done over the years in this Marketing Video Playlist on the Amplification, Inc. YouTube Channel.

If you’re not already using video in your marketing efforts, now’s the time to start. It is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to leverage the digital landscape, bar-none. Contact us at or visit our website: to schedule and introductory meeting so we can perform a needs audit and assessment.

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