Guest Blog Post: Bring More Creative Into Your Life and Your Marketing with “Articulate” on public television

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Amplification Inc. is pleased to welcome guest blogger, Hal Axler, General Manager for ArtServe.

There has always been a close relationship between marketing and the avant garde. Ultimately, what sets really good marketing apart – the core distinction — is the creative. Anyone can check the boxes, but it’s the pursuit of creative that “cuts through the clutter” which brings a mutual respect, and not a small amount of cross-over between fine artists and advertising. After all, both vocations seek that elusive and very unique goal of expression that touches your brain and heart at the same time.

That’s why ArtServe has been thrilled to be a partner in this season’s Articulate programming, which helps to share the stories of some the world’s most creative minds and foster an everyday appreciation for the arts.

ArtServe’s mission to foster artistic and entrepreneurial growth goes hand in hand with the vision of Articulate which “believes that art is for everyone, that creative expression is a basic human need, and that culture tells us who we are.”   From comments we have received we know that many of the artists that our part of the ArtServe family and other Artist’s in the community have appreciated the unique programming and diversity of art and artist explored.

From the work of Kenny Scharf whose art is featured at the local Young At Art Museum and the streets of Downtown Hollywood to the sound of the Havana Lyceum Orchestra, Articulate hit home for many of our South Florida partners. ArtServe is excited about being part of Season Four and the continued success of this program.

On behalf of ArtServe, we encourage you to keep on watching, learning and supporting art that builds a strong community.


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