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Using LinkedIn Video to Promote Your Business to Other Businesses

With 610 million users, LinkedIn is the place to be to find new audiences, thought leaders, decision makers, and influencers. In other words, it’s where you need to be to grow your business. In fact, LinkedIn is the top social network for lead generation. On LinkedIn, it’s not just about who you know, it’s about who your connections know.

To be successful with LinkedIn, you’ll need a strategy that includes not only a stand-out company page, strong content, sponsored ads, InMail campaigns, and text ads, but you’ll also need to up your sponsored video content game. Video ads on LinkedIn attract professional audiences with high-quality video that guides every step of your buyer’s journey.

Inc. recently noted that “It’s no secret LinkedIn is investing a lot of money into video. In early 2017, the social media giant rolled out native video on its platform, and in early 2019, they released live video. Because users are growing more comfortable seeing videos on their LinkedIn feeds, it’s a savvy time to take full advantage of LinkedIn video ads.”

Why LinkedIn Works So Well as a B2B Marketing Tool

Unlike other social networks where folks collect friends and acquaintances the way kids collect Shopkins or trading cards, professionals on LinkedIn tend to interact and network with people that work within or adjacent to their industry.

When you produce and share great video content that your connections actually want to see, they’re far more likely to engage with that content, learn more about your company, and ultimately become advocates who share your ideas with others. When your content gets shared outside your immediate network, that’s when the real marketing magic starts to happen.

Highlight Your Company’s Value through B2B Video

Your LinkedIn Company Page is the perfect place to tell your company’s story. With trillions of ads and bazillions of words floating out there on the internet, telling a great story is more important than ever before. You’ve got to be good to be noticed.

While in-depth content, editorials, white papers, Ebooks, and blogs are critical to any content marketing strategy, images, infographics, data, and especially video can truly capture your audience’s attention. When you capture the imagination, you’re standing out from your competition.

Why Are LinkedIn Video Ads so Great for B2B Marketing?

LinkedIn video ads are so effective because they enable your company to:

  • Build brand awareness within your industry
  • Position your business or your CEO as an industry thought leader
  • Tell your brand story
  • Share customer successes
  • Explain your goods or services
  • Foster customer engagement
  • Drive qualified leads to your website
  • Improve SEO and organic website rankings
  • Convert leads into sales
  • Measure success with clear metrics and reporting

Here at Amplification, Inc., we’re all about standing out from the competition. We think LinkedIn is a great place to target your B2B video marketing efforts. Need some help crafting your story and creating a video ad for LinkedIn?  Contact Amplification, Inc., today!

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