What are the benefits of live stream video?

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Live stream video is quickly gaining traction to broadcast events, promote products and services, enhance brand awareness, share announcements, and more. In this post, learn more about this growing trend and how you can use it to boost your digital marketing efforts.

Amplification Live Stream Video

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During the last few years, we’ve manned our fair share of social media “command centers” at special events and assisted clients to help ensure their professional success. And now, this process has evolved to assisting clients with live stream video.

Most recently, we helped the Hollywood CRA promote and live stream its annual Hollyweird Halloween contest and special event in Hollywood, Florida. We also worked with ArtServe of Broward County during its annual RedEye event by coordinating and supporting multiple live broadcasts.

So, why is live video broadcasting important for you and your brand?

1) It’s skyrocketing.
In fact, according to Research and Markets, the video streaming market is estimated to grow from $30.29 billion in 2016 to $70.05 billion by 2021.

2) Reach a wider audience.
Popular social media platforms—including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube—have integrated live streaming options. And, thanks to tactical hashtags and geo-targeting, platforms such as Instagram allow you to reach a much wider audience than you would have access to organically. Furthermore, live Facebook broadcasts can be viewed after the fact, so folks can tune in later if they missed the live action.

3) The interaction option is super cool.
Many social platforms allow viewers to interact with on-screen talent by asking questions or taking part in an online poll. This feature is especially important if you’re an influencer, are a vlogger, or host any kind of digital-only broadcasts—as interaction helps you quickly build and reinforce your audience and gain real-time feedback.

4) You can still plan ahead.
In most cases, you’ll have time to plan, organize, and practice your upcoming live appearance.

Live Stream Video: Trial & Error

Use live stream video to boost your brand.

We have years of experience in digital video production—including live broadcast video.

The best way to get started is just to start and learn the landscape. Live broadcast video provides a wealth of benefits, and does not require technical know-how or the right equipment to ensure success, but forethought imparts a professional, high-quality result. Be disciplined when it comes to consistently sharing interesting content to keep your current followers engaged while attracting new fans along the way. Otherwise, you risk wasting your time and investment—or worse, alienating your audience and losing potential customers.

But, there’s good news. Amplification, Inc., can help you get started quickly and easily! Once we discuss your objectives and budget, we’ll craft a strategy using all the tools at our collective disposal to make things hum and really AMPLIFY your efforts on social and digital media. This might include anything from providing social media support staff during your broadcast to working on post-production marketing efforts.

In addition to helping you outline key topics and develop talking points, we can also coach you during practice sessions to ensure you stay on message and avoid an awkward case of the “ums.” In other words, we’ll help you create structure and stick to your recipe.

And, during the live broadcast, we can be on hand to manage live interactions and respond in real time. Once the live stream is complete, we’ll follow up with key metrics—such as views, viewer demographics, and engagements—to reinforce the broadcast’s validity and help you refine future efforts.

Let’s live stream!

If you want to learn more about live stream video and how Amplification can help you, simply submit a contact form or give us a call at (954) 817-9163.

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