DID YOU KNOW: Goats and chickens and horses, oh my! That’s right, Marnie has quite the collection of animals on her farm. She also has an extensive collection of shoes, ironically most of which can’t actually be worn while tending to her much-loved animals.


  • Marnie Hoppe
  • Amplification Inc.

Who is Marnie Hoppe?

Marnie S. Hoppe, Co-founder Emeritus — Marnie co-founded Amplification, Inc. with CEO Steve Cabeza in 2008. Thanks to Marnie’s passion and drive, Amplification is a proud leader in South Florida’s digital marketing landscape.

In April 2018, Marnie suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as the result of a near-fatal motorcycle accident. Since her accident and TBI, Marnie and her family have been focusing on her recovery and she no longer plays any role within the company. Marnie enjoys exercising, riding horses, and helping out anywhere there are animals.

Today, Amplification carries on Marnie’s legacy by remaining 100% committed to its clients. Amplification’s team works hard, helping clients grow their brands by crafting incredible social media campaigns, producing sophisticated email campaigns, developing targeted marketing strategies, and making sense of complex analytics.