“Heather is a tremendous asset to the Amplification, Inc. team. She’s an ace at content creation and she’s one of the most creative social media strategists I’ve ever worked with,” says Amplification CEO Steve Cabeza.

Social Media Coordinator

Who is Heather Rivera?

Heather Rivera is one of Amplification, Inc’s social media coordinators and content creation specialists. Since 2016 she’s been cranking out creative social media content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 

“People don’t read magazines or local papers as much as they used to, they get their information from social media,” notes Heather. “If a company isn’t present on social media, they’re missing out on a huge percentage of possible customers or clients.”

Heather uses social media to promote events, share important updates, engage customers, and help strengthen a company’s brand. By taking cues and inspiration from websites, customers, client interviews, and online reviews Heather’s inspiring social media content creation fosters a sense of connection and camaraderie. 

By targeting creative and unique content to each social media channel, Heather boosts online and in-person traffic.

Heather works closely with Amplification’s clients to develop new social media content on a regular day, keeping feeds fresh, active, and fun!

Heather also assists the Amplification team with select photoshoot projects.

“I love the creative aspect. I like to come at things from a different approach so our posts look really unique. Working for Amplification is great! It allows me to help small businesses shine. I can help them have a unique voice amongst all the chaos and static. Plus, Steve is super flexible and I can create at my own pace.”

Heather — whose middle name is actually Sunshine — moved to South Florida nearly in 2002. She may not be a native, but clearly, it was meant to be! When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, she enjoys spending time on the water with her husband and kids. She’s also a Girl Scout Troop Leader, traveler, and photographer. Next time you talk to Heather, ask her about South Africa!