Curious, creative and with a keen eye for detail, Fabiola is always eager to jump in and help whenever needed. “If I can use my skills to solve, fix or improve something or help achieve a team’s goal, I’ll be volunteering to do so.”

Project Manager, Copywriter, QA Analyst

  • Fabiola
  • Amplification Inc.

Who is Fabiola?

Originally from Peru, Fabiola moved to California almost 20 years ago and has now been a South Florida resident for the last 8 years.

With a B.S in Business and Marketing and over 10 years in project management experience, Fabiola has been helping Amplification manage the client’s accounts, write copy for our marketing campaigns and ensure our work quality standards are met throughout our different social and digital platforms.

Fabiola is also a Spanish Interpreter & Translator which makes her our go-to team member for handling all Spanish-based accounts and help our Spanish-speaking clients navigate through questions as they come onboard with our team.

“I was thrilled to learn Fabiola is also fully bilingual. She not only helps tremendously with our Spanish speaking leads and accounts, but as we continue to further expand our services within the Hispanic markets, we can now count on her to help lead these efforts”, says Amplification CEO Steve Cabeza.

Fabiola’s volunteering has also reached other fields. She’s a true animal lover and animal rights supporter. I wish I could also foster dolphins, elephants and horses! but until then, I will be happy to continue fostering bunnies”